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Neava is a consulting company that operates in most areas in terms of software development. We have offices in Luleå, Stockholm and Gdansk and have customers and partners in both Sweden and Poland.

A growing global market is demanding smaller, faster and more powerful solutions at a rapidly increasing pace.



The solutions and systems in the field of technology that we at Neava develop for our customers, are at the very forefront of technology, and are often many generations into the future.

Our consultants have extensive experience in development for both embedded and non embedded systems. We can offer customized solutions where we assist in the systemization and expertise resources in everything from software architecture to implementation, verification and project management.

For example, in the sector of mobile telecommunications we specify, develop and verify functions that are specific to customers in WCDMA, LTE and GSM. Our staff at Neava have long experience in developing functions for these standards.

Our knowledge of mobile platforms is wide and considerable. We have experts specialized in embedded systems with strict demands on real time functionality and hardware-programming, mostly in C and C++. At Neava we develop the mobile platforms of tomorrow for mobile phone companies all over the world.

Most of our jobs entail working deep inside the clients' organizations and development structures. All the Neava staff combines deep and broad technical expertise with excellent social and communication skills. Our consultants are hand-picked for their skills at working independently and closely with the clients in demanding projects. We are keeping long time cooperation with our costumers.



Our market is global, but our head office is in Sweden, just 100 km south of the Arctic circle. We are located in the center of the city of Luleå, at Kyrkogatan with an exquisite view over the south harbor.