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Accept the challenge of your life, come work with us!

Working with Neava is not like anything else. We work almost exclusively with business-critical front-end technology. This means major, interesting challenges, but also that secrecy is decisive and that our current jobs are well kept secrets.

The technical requirements of the contract work in combination with the very close cooperation with the clients, place stringent requirements on both the personalities and the technical skills of our staff. But at the same time, working with Neava allows you to work while displaying responsibility, in creative and interesting projects, and allows you the possibility of great personal development.

We are always looking for skilled staff. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in working with software solutions. If you are the right person we can offer exciting jobs and challenging positions in a creative environment, for both newly examined students and experienced professionals alike.

Contact us via e-mail: Include your CV and a personal letter in a .zip file named Your application will be saved for 6 months, and is available to all our recruiting staff.